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A decade ago, I bought a digital SLR camera with couple of  lenses and a good tripod. I was fascinated by the camera’s ability to capture the most minute detail and the most intense color. A year later, I discovered the world of Bird photography, and I outfitted myself with the best possible camera gear for small, fast-moving subjects—a pro-level Canon camera body, a 600mm telephoto lens, a carbon-fiber tripod and a gimbal head. It didn’t take long until I expanded my focus to be wildlife photographer.

Knowing your subject’s behavior is also critical for us wildlife photographers as we consider how to find and approach them while minimizing our disturbance of them. How can we get close enough to get the intimate shots we want while minimizing the disturbance our presence inevitably causes? I’ve found blinds and camo of various kinds to be essential tools. My most essential blind is my car (my mobile blind), as birds and other animals seem to have much more tolerance for humans in vehicles than humans on foot.

Wildlife photography allows me to be out in nature and among wild animals, to have an excuse to watch those animals for long periods of time, and then to press a shutter and visually preserve a fascinating moment in natural history or a moment of great beauty. A fast shutter speed and many frames per second allow me to freeze a bird’s extravagant pose with fully fanned tail feathers or perfectly outspread wings, to capture moments that reveal wild animals’ relationships with one another, as well as what I see as their individual characters, and to do it in a way that’s in line with my aesthetic vision, which is constantly developing.

Enjoy the pics…!