One foggy morning, my friend and I set off for Valparai from Kochi, about 150 kms away, through the narrow winding roads. It was worth the effort as these are the most scenic rides through the Athirapally waterfalls to the forests around Valparai.
These forests house abundant wildlife, also rich with Elephants, Gaur, Sambar deers, Lion tailed Macaques, Nilgiri Tahrs, Giant squirrels, Hornbills and if lucky Leopards…!
The Lion tailed Macaque, is one primate I have always wanted to capture for its unique looks and its endangered species status, which has only recently been taken off due to commendable conservation efforts of the authorities.
Our first encounter was with a herd of elephants gathered for a social meet, smack on the road we were travelling on. Halting at a safe distance, we admired the camaraderie, affection and bonding among the gentle giants, conveyed expressively through their tactile trunks.
In the 30 minutes safe hostage show, those elephants reminded us that how much ever busy we might be in our individual work schedules, we always should find some time just to be together with family, not caring about anything else but bliss!
Before reaching valparai we managed to take some pics of those beautiful landscapes.
Driving on through the verdant landscape and the ornamental tea gardens dotting this hill station, we finally spied our target. Leaping with joy, running, screaming, skirmishing in aggression, these Lion Tailed Macaques were a sight to behold!…
Captured in still frame with great difficulty after an hours effort, it has only whetted our appetite for more such trips. www.nidh.in

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