50th Visit to Bandipura – Masinagudi…!

Landscape photography
In the foothills of Ooty, Tamil Nadu

Sounds Great!!! So finally I admit that I am in love with this place and get never tired of it. It was my 50th visit to Bandipur wildlife sanctuary. Since last 11 years I have been to this place almost 50 times by now. Bandipur is just 250kms from Bangalore and my favorite destination for weekends. We never think about a place with so many old memories but today when I can count it to be 50th time I am also in nostalgic mood about it. I still remember the first time when I visited Bandipur. After leaving Bangalore one does not find many shops and great roads. As we leave Bangalore for Masinagudi one finds single track roads and less number of shops than on Bangalore route and just one CCD. That is most hard part for me though… We usually plan our stays at Masinagudi which used to be very peaceful and it had very less number of tourists to cater. But now things are changed and even trend is changing. Now, one can find more than 100 resorts/ home stays starting from Gundalpet. My fun time started with early morning drive which was smooth and with very less traffic. Our first stop was Ranganathittu bird sanctuary.

Ranganathittu bird sanctuary is a bird sanctuary in Mandya district of Karnataka state. It is largest bird sanctuary in the state and is home for painted storks, common spoonbill, Asian open bill stork, black headed ibis, lesser whistling ducks, egret, cormorant, oriental darter and heron. I went for boating there and it was a nice quick view of the sanctuary from the area. I took some of the delightful snaps here with my lovely friends.

Black Ibis
Black Ibis, Ranganathittu, Mysore
Night Heron
Night Heron, Ranganathittu, Mysore
Spoon Bill, Mysore

With boating activity my stay at sanctuary ended and we headed for Masinagudi. We went slowly on the road as we knew as always there would be some wild animals as always on road or by its side. Elephants are very common here and there are high chances that one would meet them on the way.

Driving to Bandipur… and taking a break

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